Integrity - Internal Policy and Core Values.


We seek suppliers in line with our internal policy, acting in accordance with regulatory standards, security, the work environment, respect for privacy, dignity and confidential information processing.

The Purchasing Policy, applicable to Hospital Care and all its subsidiaries, establishes adequate internal procedures to guarantee the level of excellence of the services provided, at a fair cost, taking into account technical and ethical criteria.

<p>Socio-environmental<br />


Building a fairer society with access to quality health care is our goal. For this, we work in partnership with local municipalities, providing beds and care in our units through the SUS.


Ethics is one of our essential values. We act with integrity, honesty and transparency in all of our activities, especially in relation to people.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct reinforces the commitment to our values and sets out the standards of behavior expected of all our employees, suppliers and service providers.

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Data Privacy is one of our fundamental principles. We operate responsibly, ensuring privacy and transparency in all of our operations, especially in interactions with individuals.The Privacy and Data Protection Policy strengthens our commitment to the principles of the LGPD and defines the standards of conduct expected of all our employees, partners and service providers.

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