Hospital Care - Partnerships for a Lifetime


Uniting is the
Best Way to Care

We are a complete health system at your disposal, from exam laboratories, health plans, and medical centers to highly complex hospitals. Through this union, we seek to make the system fair to all involved, offering treatments focused on the well-being of patients to them; fair values ​​and no waste to health operators; dignified recognition to employees; and sustainable returns to investors, favoring the entire chain by optimized and efficient management.

In addition to medical diagnosis and treatment, we are concerned with providing health education with a focus on disease prevention. After all, an educated population with a health perspective gets less sick and allows early diagnosis, capable of reducing the impacts of a disease.

We work to improve access to health as a whole and our actions are geared towards being the best private health network in Brazil.

Our compass

We operate in the private health sector in a broad way, providing medical assistance, contributing to the development of teaching, and investing in quality research and health management. In addition, to further optimize these efforts, we have built partnerships with national and international research institutions. This set of operations aims to make us the best Private Health Provider Network in Brazil.

<p>Our compass</p>
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<p>Technology and innovation</p>

Technology and innovation

Modernizing the service units generates
immeasurable benefits for the whole society

Our units receive investments in technology, as we believe in this action as a contribution to the patients served by us. The results are: More accurate diagnoses, better care, more efficient management, integration of information, accuracy in surgical techniques, prevention in focus, and reduction of errors.

Meet our board

Our team

Efficient management makes the company grow in a sustainable manner, without losing respect for employees, partners, society and stakeholders.

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