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Our Doctors

Hospital Care is the first Integrated Private Health System in Brazil with an innovative health approach. Our health services include specialized clinics and hospitals, medical centers, laboratories, highly complex hospitals, a network of doctor’s offices, health insurance, and accredited doctors.

We seek to form the best medical team in each region where we operate. Always offering a Career Plan based on meritocracy and remuneration above the market average.

Our goal is that each professional is supported by a clinical staff of excellence and a multidisciplinary team of the highest quality. Therefore, we value effective communication between health units, doctors, laboratories and patients. In addition, we involve our healthcare professionals in decisions that impact their routine and life, so that they feel part of the institution and have their autonomy respected.

Our focus is to work with quality care to serve patients in the best possible way. Therefore, our philosophy comes down to serving the patient in the right place, at the right time and with the right health team to achieve the best result with maximum efficiency.

We are one of the few health groups that seeks to make life easier for doctors and health professionals. We appreciate the speed in requesting medical procedures, scheduling surgeries, replacing materials and medicines, authorizing the agreement and, mainly, paying.

want to know how to be part of our clinical staff? Access our medical areas and know the benefits.

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