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About our Investors

Innovative Model With an innovative model of operation, Hospital Care can be considered semi-vertical. Because, in addition to serving companies and individuals, it also serves several health plans and beneficiaries of our own Health Plan. This allows for a diversification between the different sources of revenue from the health services provided, increasing the profitability and security of the operation at the same time, avoid dependence on a single source. Transparency Hospital Care wants to improve health in the countryside and in the capital of each region in which it operates and one of the means to achieve this goal is to build a transparent relationship with patients, employees and investors. That is why we value so much having clear communication with all of them. Meritocracy Our meritocracy policy is intended for all employees and aims to increase efficiency in health management and create predictability of payment by health operators to hospitals with controlled claims. Management and Governance Through a strong governance cycle – marked by transparent information on the financial and operational performance of the business, and corporate movements – all shareholders can influence decision-making with a participation that adds value and specific knowledge. Long Term Vision Hospital Care investors have great credibility in the financial market because of the consistency of their results and business continuity. They work with a long-term vision in order to generate sustainable performance.

Crescera Fund

Crescera is an independent Brazilian investment company with more than R$ 3.5 billion under management.

Abaporu Fund

Abaporu is an investment fund owned by the controllers of Cyrela, the largest high-end real estate developer in Brazil.

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